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Alloy Wheel Protection

Save thousands and prevent gutter scratches on your new wheels

Tried, Tested and Trusted

After 15 years of product development, AlloyGator has come up with a world-leading wheel protection system.

Made from super strong nylon, the AlloyGator is simply fitted securely between the alloy wheel and tyre. This is not a budget stick on product.

Protecting against gutter scrapes and pothole damage.

Potentially saving you thousands in alloy wheel replacement costs.

Coming in 15 different colours, AlloyGators can make a serious statement.

Practically unnoticeable in black, or stand out from the crowd with glow in the dark wheels.

Protect your wheels from curb scrapes

Scraping a wheel on a curb can be extremely annoying. Most of us have done it at one point or another during our driving lifetimes. AlloyGator wheel protection can protect your wheels from scrapes and scratches from curbs and potholes.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Protection:

  • $110 per wheel – cheaper than the usual $200+ per wheel repair (or even more in replacement)
  • Prevention of curb rash and scrapes
  • Make a statement in 15 different colours, or keep them unnoticeable in black
  • Solid and secure fitting for peace of mind
  • Covers up and hides existing curb damage