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Car Interior Protection Perth

Advanced nanotechnology to safeguard your car’s interior

Breathable, water repellent, strong

Anyone can have a ‘whoops’ moment with a drink, but is your interior protected? 

With a single professional coating and fully cured in 24 hours, System-X interior is a high-tech water-resistant coating that will guard against life’s little accidents.

What is System-X Interior?

System-X interior has advanced nanotechnology to protect all your interior surfaces, including fabric seats, leather, vinyl and carpet.

Stains and spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily.

When liquid comes into the contact with System-X Interior the properties within the treatment repels the liquid and it rolls off in a bead, rather than soaking in and staining.

When liquids are able to penetrate the surface for materials that have a more open structure (such as plush carpets) the treatment prevents any penetration of the fibres stopping any permanent staining.

Advantages of System-X Interior


Forming a strong bond within the fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. Liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibres and are repelled in droplets.


System-X Interior does not cause the fabric to become stiff or scratchy. Attaching to the individual fibers, it still allows the fabric to breathe


Ultra-safe technology gives peace of mind for people with children or pets in their vehicles.


Interior will maintain the natural look and feel of your interior. The invisible coating wont change the colour of any surface.

What’s Included?

  • Vaccuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • System-X Interior application to interior, seats, carpets and trim
  • Cleaning of interior windows
  • Dress door seals and rubbers

*Excessive sand, pet hair or other debris removal not included.


Two seater

$330 inc. GST

Five seater

$440 inc. GST

Seven seater

$550 inc. GST