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Say goodbye to yellow and faded headlights

Headlight Restoration


You pick a day and time that suits you and we can restore both of your headlights in around 45 minutes.

Today’s automotive lenses are made of high impact thermoplastic based acrylic / polycarbonate, commonly referred to as plastic.

Unlike glass which would virtually last forever, acrylic headlights have a limited life expectancy. They rapidly oxidize when exposed to heat, contamination, salt air and excessive moisture which then creates an aged, yellowish fogged headlight.

At Whitworth’s we can revive any acrylic headlight or taillight including scratch removal without having to remove the lights from your car.

Headlight restoration improves safety and adds value to your car making it far safer to drive.


Our headlight restoration in Perth includes an aircraft grade ceramic coating over the headlight to protect it. Plus a 12 month warranty to keep them looking like new and dramatically improve the clarity and projection of the light beam….at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Contact our Master Polisher, Lee Whitworth, on 0404 010 956 or send us an enquiry to see if we can help.

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