Whitworth's Automotive Polishing

Virtual Car Show

This section is where we really show off. For us, it’s just another day in an awesome job.

Car Gallery

Brand new feature cars 


Interested in cars with grunt? Or perhaps a race car? What about rare and limited vehicles? Then this is the gallery for you.


Some absolute gems that have been lovingly restored and brought back to their former glory.

Before & After

We can remove scratches, swirls, fading and other imperfections. Check out some of these awesome results.

Sedan & Two Door

From family to sporty. Whether it’s your every day driver or weekender, we can press the reset button for your paint.


4×4 & SUV

4WD’s get some hammering. When we’re done you’ll never want to go 4WD’ing every again…



Sporty, speedy and slick to park… what’s not to love about a small car? They sure pack a punch after we’re done with them.

Our (extremely) happy customers