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Should I get new car paint protection?

Should I get new car paint protection?

New car paint protection has very distinct advantages. It provides a superficial layerwhich will protect the paintwork from fading, bird droppings, tree sap and micro-scratching. Paint protection also makes washing your car easier and it won’t require any polishing or waxing. It won’t however protect against deep scratches or scrapes. It can also be called nano-ceramic coating, ceramic paint protection, ceramic car coating or 9H ceramic car coating. Paint protection will maintain the resale value of the car. So it’s a worthwhile investment when buying a new car.

“Paint protection makes washing your car easier and it won’t require any polishing or waxing.”

Should I get a new car paint protection package from the dealership?

The issue with dealerships is paint protection is an add on, not their speciality. When paint protection is applied at a car dealership you generally don’t know who is coating your car.


  1. What are others saying, what are their reviews like?
  2. Do you know what product they are using?
  3. Do you know where it’s made?
  4. Is it an in-house service or do they commission it out?
  5. Can you speak to the person applying it?
  6. How do they prepare the paintwork?
  7. Where do you go if there’s an issue?
  8. Is there a warranty?
  9. Can I still wax my car?
  10. Do I have to use the dealership shampoo?

It pays to do your homework. Dealerships will generally have commissioned prices. They have sales targets, staff costs, rent and other factors to consider.

“Dealerships will generally have commissioned prices”

Ceramic coating for new cars should be applied by a trained technician

If true ceramic paint protection is what you are after, then its best to go to a specialist company (like us) which specialises in paint protection and paint preparation. Paint preparation is a very important step. This will help the paint protection last the life of the car.

Paint protection should be applied by a properly trained technician. They should be a specialist in this field. If any of the steps are done incorrectly then the results on the car are visibly noticeable… and not necessarily in a good way.

“Paint protection should be applied by a properly trained technician.”

What if I choose not to get my vehicle paint protected?

The highest risk you are going to expose your car to is premature ageing. Along with this there’s also fading, micro-scratches / swirl marks. This all makes the paint look old. The Australian sun alone is enough to do irreversible damage to your car’s paint. Paint protection should act like a sunscreen and protect it from fading.

“…fading, micro-scratching and swirl marks. This all makes the paint look old.”

When you drive your car around it is being coated in road contamination and grime. Over time, this contamination will build up on your car. Most cars have this if they are not washed regularly. But even if you do wash your car this contamination will build up (just slower) and it’s very difficult to remove with washing alone. You can actually feel it. Wash your car and then feel the paint. It will have an ever so slight (or not slight, depending on how you look after your car) roughness to it. A cars paint should feel super smooth. Paint protection will add a layer between your car and this contamination. All cars should get an annual car polish to remove grime and road contamination. Again, a specialist needs to be able to do this. Otherwise you can remove the grime along with the paint protection. Bummer.

“All cars should get an annual car polish to remove grime and road contamination.”

Car paint protection warranties – does it last a lifetime?

Car paint protection warranties, in particular lifetime warranties, is a very loose term. Some warranty terms and conditions are thicker than an IKEA catalogue and some lifetime warranties are only for 7 years. Simple things such as waxing your car or not using the dealership shampoo can also void the warranty.

Nothing lasts a lifetime without maintenance. It does depend on the environment the car is exposed to and how the owner maintains it. Make smart choices of how you wash your car, such as using a “two bucket washing” technique. When talking to your paint protection specialist they should know ALL the tips and tricks to prolong the health of your car’s paint.

“Nothing lasts a lifetime without maintenance”

So, in summary…

  • New cars need paint protection and this should be an important factor in your budget.
  • Car dealerships are not the only option for paint protection. It’s important to do your homework. Car dealerships used to have the monopoly however specialists like us have access to quality products. Remember paint prep is just as important – car dealerships don’t have the same expertise as we do.
  • Correct paint protection application should be done by a specialist.
  • Choosing not to get your vehicle paint protected is not a wise choice. It can expose the paintwork to premature ageing and damage, that could otherwise be avoided. It also maintains the resale value of the car.
  • Quality paint protection should last for many, many years, but this does depend on how you look after your car. Make sure you talk to a paint protection specialist (like us) and get advice on how you can look after your car’s paint the right way.

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